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We opened In Lak’ech Wellbeing as part of our passion to serve people. We provide holistic remedial massages & wellbeing services, for clients who care about the area where physical and spiritual meet.

In Mayan tradition, In Lak’ech is the most important greeting. It means I am another yourself (A modern day interpretation). It also means I am you, and you are me (A traditional Mayan interpretation). We have come to understand that this greeting is an honoring for each other. It is a statement of unity and oneness. In Lak’ech Ala K’in mirrors the same sentiment of other beautiful greetings such as Namaste for East India, Wiracocha for the Inca, and Mitakuye Oyasin for the Lakota. It doesn’t matter which culture you come from, this is a sacred gesture. It is common knowledge these days that every action we take in our lives affects all living things. We understand that if we act negatively, our actions impact all life negatively. When we act positively, we affect all life in a positive manner.

When we live the Mayan code of In Lak’ech Ala K’in, we know that every action we take is out of respect for all life, and we are living and giving from our hearts.

Our Therapists

Mariana Silva

Mariana Silva

Mariana has a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy and is also trained in Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy and Rehabilitation Massage. She has dedicated her time to Massage Therapy & Reiki Healing for the past 11 years passionately.  She also has a Cert IV in Fitness, allowing her to help clients recover from injuries by recommending them exercises and stretches.
Mariana applies what she calls “whole-listic“ approach to her treatments, her massage has a unique style.
She is a Reiki level 5 of the Original 7 level systems Reiki.
Following her purpose to assist people on their journeys, she created In Lak’ech Wellbeing, to support community and other therapists.

Aisha Mohamed

Aisha Mohamed

Aisha has a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bachelor in Health Science and a Diploma in Remedial Massage. Since 2010, she has dedicated herself to offer healing with a wholistic approach using acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine and massage therapy.

Most that approach her come with conditions such as stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues and for chakra balancing. She also has an interest in offering natural beauty treatments and work with facial rejuvenation and cellulite reduction.

It is her belief that dis-ease occurs in the body when our systems are out of harmonious balance. To bring the body back to your best alignment is a healing contract you make with your practitioner that involves active participation from you. Are you ready to start your journey to better health in your all-encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states?

Kerstin Buccoliero

Kerstin Buccoliero

Kerstin began her journey as a Physiotherapist in Germany in 1986 in her birth country of Germany. Following her deep interest in the union of body-mind-spirit, she undertook further studies in Biodynamic Craniosacral Balancing.

By combining her biomechanical knowledge with the many years of awareness training and clinical practice, Kerstin has developed a unique skill set incorporating multiple modalities.

Kerstin also completed studies in Shamanic wisdom, which she practiced in Germany, France and Australia, now continuously evolving and learning:

“I’m passionate about supporting people to be fully embodied in this world, while also connected to the mystery& sacredness of all life. My mission is to continue to cultivate sacred space within myself and others and to live this life fully & joyfully”

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