Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral

Returning balance

Biodynamic-cranio-sacral Balancing is a gentle, none invasive and yet profound method for enhancing the function of the nervous system, returning balance and mobility to the whole body. This safe and supportive process also allows for the release of deep-seated trauma held within the body. Biodynamic Cranio sacral Balancing is also known to reduce jaw related tension due to dental work or teeth grinding.

A typical series encompasses 4-6 sessions (50-60 min each) although this can vary depending on individual circumstances.

What is the cranio-sacral system?

The cranio-sacral system is comprised of the skull, spinal column, sacrum and everything that is housed within these bony structures including the brain, cerebrospinal cord, cerebrospinal liquid and membranes (meninges) that surround these structures.

The Biodynamic-cranio-sacral system has been described as having had the effect of creating the first breath, as it characterised by a ‘filling up’, or an ’inhale’ phase of cerebral liquid, followed by an ‘exhale’ of liquid into the spinal tube; these two phases creating its own Rhythm.

What to expect?

As practitioners we are trained to sense and monitor the very subtle, wave-like involuntary rhythms that come from the cranio-sacral system, something which we refer to as “listening presence”.

Using very light contact with the hands and fingers facilitates a response from the body’s self-correcting mechanism and allows for the release of blocks and patterns which may be present in the body.

Additionally, a meditative dialogue supports the integrative process, using the basic mediation instructions given by the Buddha:  … to be mindful of the changing stream of sensations without trying to hold on to, change or resist them.

Initial consultation: 1 ½ hrs $150

Subsequent consultation: 1 hr $110

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