Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral

Returning balance

What is Biodynamic-craniosacral Balancing?

It’s a gentle, jet profound method for enhancing the function of the nervous system, retuning balance and mobility to the whole body. It had been created as an offshoot of the cranial osteopathy by John Upledger, an osteopath physician, in the 1970tis.

What is the process?

Using very light contact with the hands and fingers, the body is able to naturally self-correct enabling the release of blocks and patterns which may be present in the body. Deep listening is key. I tune into your body, inviting you to listen along, deepening your awareness of the body mind spirit connection.

What are the benefits?

  • Soothing the nervous system in times of stress, may allowing the ventral vagus switch to be activated.
  • Sleep patterns can be enhanced
  • The function of the gastro intestinal tract – our second brain- can be enhanced
  • General supportive to the balance of the nervous system and therefore can support the physical integration of trauma.


Initial consultation: 1 ½ hrs $155

Subsequent consultation: 1 hr $120

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