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Deeksha Healing

The Deeksha, through a very simple process, helps this self-improvement, doesn’t matter which moment of life you are, the Deeksha is an instrument that makes possible the encounter with our own light, our source and true happiness. The Deeksha help us to see that we’re never lost because the way was always there.

Deeksha is a healing energy given through the hands, with beautiful philosophy and teachings behind it. Those teachings came from Oneness University – India, nowadays known as O&O academy. ??

More than a spiritual practice, it is a self-knowledge practice, which pursues to elevate the consciousness
People like Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman and others follow this practice that is becoming very popular around the world.

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Nicole Pegorini is our qualified Deeksha at In Lak’ech Wellbeing.
In her sessions, she can combine Reiki, Access Bars & Deeksha.
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She is at In Lak’ech Surry Hills every Wednesday.

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We encourage you to do some research to see the amazing healing effects of Deeksha before you have a session with us. Or get in touch with us and we can help you understand more about it.
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